El Mar Inc.

Manufacturer of Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Tweezer
Made Exclusively in the U.S.A.

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Sliver Gripper Recloseable Tube and Key Chain Clip Combo. Use Tube Packing for Storage, Backpack, First Aid Kit, etc. Use Key Chain tweezer for quick and easy attachment to key chain for everyday use.
Amazon link to buy direct:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008RD6Q8C
Sliver Gripper Splinter & Tick Removal First Aid Kit. Handy Pocket Sized First Aid Kit that includes the 100% USA Made Sliver Gripper Key Chain tweezer, 2 Alcohol Antiseptic Pads, a 5X USA Made Hand Held Magnifier, 2 specimen storage bags, and a Tick ID card. Keep one at home in your First Aid Kit, Backpack while outdoors, and Glove Box while traveling for emergency use when a tick bites or to remove a splinter or any other foreign object embedded in the skin.

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