El Mar Inc.

Manufacturer of Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Tweezer
Made Exclusively in the U.S.A.

About The Sliver Gripper



The Sliver Gripper™ is a precision manufactured tweezer tool made completely in the U.S.A. exclusively with 100% high quality American steel. The Sliver Gripper is made from a patented design that is unique in both shape and functionality. This design differentiates the Sliver Gripper from all other tweezers and allows its’ practical uses to be unlimited. The Sliver Gripper is currently used in numerous wide ranging applications from First Aid to Cross Stitch. This multi-faceted functionality makes the Sliver Gripper a viable retail sales item in the vast majority of retail stores in the U.S., from the local hardware store to the big box store on the highway. The Sliver Gripper provides an exceptional opportunity for significant wholesale and retail growth because of  its’ singular distinctiveness.


Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper™ is a unique precision manufactured item that is a favorite for First Aid usage, but has become renowned for its’ ability to be used in countless applications. We stand out from all other tweezers for many reasons, our product is completely manufactured in the U.S.A. with only high quality American made stainless steel, our tweezer design and name is patent protected, our recloseable tube and clip holder packings are unique among all tweezer brands and also patent protected, and the Sliver Gripper is listed with the FDA as a surgical instrument for manual use. We also differentiate ourselves by using the Sliver Gripper as the primary component in pocket sized First Aid kits used for insect removal and treatment of minor skin injuries caused by penetration of small foreign objects such as wood splinters, glass shards, and metal slivers. We are small enough and flexible enough to produce customized private label packaging for the tweezer and First Aid Kits, including the ability to engrave the Sliver Gripper for private label use.


The countless uses of the Sliver Gripper are well documented from clearing jams in paper shredders, to untangling fishing tackle fly-tying lines, and just about everything you can envision in between. This flexibility in usage is why the Sliver Gripper has such vast potential in so many different wholesale and retail applications. Our current customer list includes pharmacies, first aid and medical suppliers, cosmetic, personal safety, and camping suppliers, garden and nursery suppliers, sewing, needlework, cross-stitch, quilting, and notions suppliers, hardware, cabinetmaking, woodworking, and lumber suppliers, machine shop and industrial safety suppliers, lab supplies, environmental safety products, outdoor lifestyles suppliers, cutlery and knife suppliers, military and law enforcement suppliers, and many more. The Sliver Gripper is also sold at boutique and specialty stores, gift shops and country stores, medical doctor and veterinary offices, locksmiths and fishing tackle stores, and even the occasional oil rig. We also sell to Public Utilities, and Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies including Defense Supply, National Parks, School Districts, and Infrastructure Maintenance. 


Wholesale and Retail suppliers of Medical, First Aid & Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Hardware, Lumber, Nursery & Garden, Notions, Industrial Safety, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and countless others. National, State, and Local Government Agencies. Also, Specialty and Organizational Sales for Promotional and/or in-house use.

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